Candidates for CSI’s National Officers and Directors have been nominated and their candidate statements posted on www.csinet.org/election.  As a member of the organization, it is your privilege to have a say in who represents you in making decisions for the multi-million dollar corporation that is CSI.  I heartily suggest that you take the time to read the statements and decide who you should vote for when you receive your ballot notification in February.  And, then take the few minutes required to submit your ballot and thereby participate in the future direction of our organization.


I recommend that you seriously consider voting for a candidate from Sacramento Chapter who is new to Institute leadership.  His name is Chris Pechacek, CSI, LEED AP and he’s running for Director-at-Large.  This means he would bring his experience and expertise to representing all members of CSI.


Chris has a lot of excellent characteristics going for him: he’s young; he’s smart; he’s experienced in construction management of large projects; and he’s participated in development of construction information organization through OmniClass and BIM.  He is an excellent speaker on a wide range of technical topics.


Chris has participated in Institute leadership through contributions to the Technical Committee.  He has great understanding of the needs of the construction industry for a “common universal method of organizing and managing facility information throughout the entire lifecycle.”  He can help guide CSI leadership to make solid, forward-thinking decisions for the Institute that will benefit members and the industry into the future.


Chris is likely less-well-known than his opponent so support from the Sacramento Chapter, West Region and CSINext could be of significant help in getting him elected, a result that would benefit us all.  So please vote, and if you want to see positive progress for CSI, vote for Chris Pechacek.



The National Board Elections are in February. All CSI members will be receiving their nominee dossiers via email from CSI National.


Voting: Members receive a personal ballot number by email and can only vote online using that number.  As the voting time nears members will be receiving daily email reminders to vote from csinet.org.


Click this link for a complete review of the offices / candidates: csinet.org - Elections

CSI National Elections – Why You Should Vote

by Sheryl Dodd-Hansen, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, Associate AIA

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