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August - September 2013


Hello and I hope everyone is having a prosperous and fun summer!


Earlier in the month Marcia Falk, Kathy Greenway, Richard Gonser and I attended a very energetic West Region Leadership Workshop in Palm Springs.  A lot of great information and reminders were presented to the attendees, to help us to promote good organizational health of the chapters. One of the constants of promoting good health among members is effective communication.


Communication of Chapter goals in order for all members to have the opportunity to participate and understand where we are going necessitates a plan, a vision. Once we can communicate this plan and understand the vision, we will have something in writing that we can use as a measuring instrument to see how we are doing in attaining our goals. We will be able to better share this plan and vision among ourselves and others in our affiliated businesses and industries much better.  It can provide new members a better understanding of the benefits of membership with CSI. More to come on this topic soon.


Another main topic I brought back with me from our workshop and other recent meeting with other CSI chapters was the need to engage college and university students, who are the future professionals of the industry who can benefit from affiliating and becoming members of CSI. We are fortunate that past IECSI chapter boards realized this opportunity quite some time ago and had been taking proactive steps relative to including students in chapter activities. Current board members are actively working on plans to further enhance opportunities for the student involvement in the months to come.


Lots of good things happening  with CSI and our chapter with many excellent educational and evening meeting presentations.  I personally invite anyone who has an interest or may want to serve as a resource in these matters, please contact me or any other board member, and let us know of your availability!

George Balteria



The Inland Empire Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute