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January 2015


Happy New Year to All!


2015 holds the promise of many fine opportunities for us all!

Your IECSI Board of Directors has been actively working to see that the Chapter will likewise have a great year of events and programs!


Ending this past year with a great annual Holiday event at the Mission Inn, was a wonderful way to begin our 2015 year! Many thanks to Kathy Greenway and her hard working committee that put together all the details for this Holiday event!


Our Board of Directors are have been working to implement goals from this  past years planning sessions which will give us the  framework to help keep the chapter growing toward a healthy 2015. It is the Board’s intent to keep providing opportunities for all members of the chapter as well as new affiliates, to become involved with the organization and to help get more professionals and manufacturer’s representatives to events and have more participation by other related disciplines on a regular basis.  Engaging college and university students is a goal in which the IECSI will be encouraging by specific outreach efforts. We want to emphasize how CSI is the major communication and educational professional organization that improves communication and professional practice in the construction industry.


A big thank you to all Chapter members who were able to participate in this past year’s workshops and events and for the generosity of your time and efforts given on behalf of the chapter membership!


Once again there are a lot of good things happening with CSI, recent accomplishments of our chapter and many excellent programs. If you would like to find out more about working with a very energetic and fun group, I would like to encourage you to contact me at; so we can work together in 2015 with our fellow IECSI members!

George Balteria




The Inland Empire Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute