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Critical Structures





July 2014


Happy Summer Everyone!


While we are having wonderful weather here in the southland, many of us are taking time out to take a break in the action or are going on the road trips and vacations that are all so well deserved , and I wish you safe travels through your adventures! It is a time to make new memories and be able to look back on those times with family and friends with fondness and happy thoughts.


Through this Chapter newsletter, my recent thoughts cause me to reflect on the very good times and great efforts that many of you have extended yourselves on behalf of our chapter! Your time and commitments are greatly appreciated and noted by fellow CSI members!


Looking back over Chapter’s activities the last several months, it is noteworthy that we have added new members, had an extremely successful product show in May, we conducted our Board Elections, and had our Awards and Installation Dinner in June! I wish to congratulate all those Chapter members who received an Award and those who have stepped up to or who are continuing to serve in a Board of Director role for the IECSI! I am very excited and looking forward to working with you closely in the months to come. Those who will be continuing in a Director position are Eric Stovner, Fred Diamond, Richard Gonser and we wish to welcome the familiar face and person of Mario Villalobos as our new Chapter Vice President!


Congratulations once again!


 If you haven’t taken a look at the event photos yet, you should check out the action on those archived pictures on our website! A big Thank You once again to Connie Caruthers our Chapter photographer and to Jan Piccola and Paul Mc Kenzie (of Production City) who are at the helm of our Website!


Your IECSI Board of Directors will be conducting planning workshops through the summer months to identify relevant industry educational presentations and in bringing timely topics before the Chapter membership. We will be coordinating some joint opportunities with some of our Professional Affiliates, and other southland CSI Chapters.  If you as a member or affiliate of the IECSI Chapter would like to participate in these planning sessions, please contact me or Board Director Marcia Faulk, so we can make sure you are notified of these meetings so you can share your thoughts more fully!


 We will begin this effort in July. When you participate in chapter planning and events, our chapter is a healthier one and it affords  you a way to champion a specific educational topic, present information from your firm or share ideas for an interesting facility tour or guest presenter! Perhaps you have some ideas to provide opportunities for college and university students to become involved with CSI?


We want your input and participation!


Once again if you would like to work with a very energetic and fun group of professionals, my invitation is there for you to contact me direct,; so we can include you more fully in the Chapter programs and events!


Have a wonderful summer and I will look forward to seeing you at our next event!


George Balteria


The Inland Empire Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute