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March - April 2014


Greetings Everyone


The IECSI Board of Directors have been very busy addressing the priorities of the Chapter and working hard to bring relevant industry issues before the Chapter membership. As you are aware, this is a two-way street, and involves all Chapter members input and communication.  All of the Board of Directors welcome your thoughts and should you wish to champion a specific educational topic, present information from your firm that qualifies for continuing education (CEU’s) for the participants, or have ideas for an interesting facility tour or guest presenter, we want your input!


Some of the excellent topics, recently presented have been those of Cliff Brewis, with McGraw-Hill for an annual construction industry Economic Forecast for 2014 and that of Water Conservation, presented by Land Solution, Tony Leyds and Richard Contreras, presenting alternative design materials  to conserve valuable resources. Another wonderful event was the March meeting and tour held at the Maloof Home in Rancho Cucamonga. Woodworking craftsmanship, artistic and architectural design as well as landscape architecture were the areas members and guests experienced at this beautiful facility. Our Economic Forecast presentation was an opportunity for a joint meeting with AIAIC, and a big thanks goes out to them and their new Board for such a successful event!  A big thank you to all members who helped make these events so successful and for the generosity of your time and efforts on behalf of the chapter!


Our Product Show on May 14 at the Simpson Strong Tie facility will be a major event for the chapter, as well as an opportunity to once again conduct a joint gathering with the AIAIC. This includes table top displays, food, facility and plant tour, testing and educational presentations for CEU’s all in one place! Check out the details and register for this event here on our website, as it is free to all participants! It will also provide another opportunity for college and university students to become involved with CSI, as they are the future of the industry!


Another item for chapter involvement coming to you soon will be the election for Board of Directors, and voting information will be sent to the members to take action on nominated parties. When you receive this information please complete it as soon as possible.


If any of the aforementioned interests you, and you would like to work with a very energetic and fun group, my invitation is there for you to contact me direct,; so we can get your personal touch into any of these programs and events!


I will look forward to seeing you at our next event!

George Balteria



The Inland Empire Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute