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Critical Structures





October - November 2013


Greetings Everyone!


I hope all is well with you as we enter the beautiful fall and winter seasons here in the southland!


It seems just like yesterday when representatives from the West Region gathered at the well-attended, Institute Convention in Nashville. The Convention had quite an array of educational tracks to attend, and the product show was very diverse and packed with the technology of today. It was a great opportunity to connect with the product representatives and have in-depth conversations regarding product applications.  Just seeing and meeting friends of the other chapters there was really cool! The Nashville Chapter did a wonderful job as our hosts, and made everyone feel welcome and relaxed. The Hawaii Chapter did some colorful and interesting promotion of the West Region Conference, which will be on the big island in April 2014.


The great thing about the CSI National Convention is you are able to share your experiences freely and engage others from across the country, which can provide a lot of great ideas to bring back to help us here in our chapter. I think we in the Inland Empire Chapter are fortunate to be in the geographic location of the country we find ourselves, as the potential is here for many great things to happen in connection with CSI. The weather is one thing; the availability for businesses to potentially expand their markets is another. We also happen to be in a region which is abundant with colleges and universities with future professionals to develop into our professions and businesses.


As I have previously stated, the need to engage college and university students at many different levels, is a goal in which IECSI members, as well as those in the LACSI Chapter are jointly working. Plans to provide opportunities for the student involvement are as simple as making them welcome at monthly meetings and providing space for them in our tours of local manufacturers facilities and professional offices.  A wonderful  example of this was our October 10th Simpson Strong Tie, Inc. Southwest facility tour, arranged by Board Member Eric Stovner, of Critical Structures, which had a student attendance of approximately 35, from Cal Poly Pomona and Norco College! It was a great facility tour and not only were all in attendance educated on the Simpson business, we were treated to observation of some structural destructive-testing and our host provided us a great dinner! It was a wonderful event for student involvement with CSI!


So once again there are lots of good things happening with CSI and our chapter with many excellent programs planned. In November, our monthly evening presentation, being arranged by Fred Diamond, of Citrus College, will be on the Division of the State Architect (DSA), and changes occurring with that Agency. The December 4th Holiday Dinner Event, to be at the Mission Inn, will be one you won’t want to miss!  I will look forward to seeing everyone there!

George Balteria



The Inland Empire Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute