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OCTOBER - 2013


Greetings West Region.  I apologize for not getting this issue of the West Region Corner until now.  I have no excuse other than I have procrastinated too long.


There are a number of things coming up in the West Region that we all need to keep in mind.  First would be nominating candidates for FY 15’s President Elect and Institute Director.  The Nominating Committee headed up by Valarie Harris has been diligently working to put together a slate of candidates.  After the Region Caucus in Nashville, the committee should have nominees for the Election in the spring.  I want to thank the committee members from each chapter, the nominating committee and especially Valarie Harris for their hard work.


The West Region Fall Mid Year Board Meeting will be again held at the San Jose Airport Hotel, formally the Radisson, on October 26, 2013 beginning at 10:00 A.M.  For those wishing to stay at the hotel, the room rate is $79.00 plus taxes and need to be booked by October 11th to get the CSI rate.  The Reservation phone number fro group rates is 408-841-4604.  This meeting is mainly for the West Region Board members, but any member is welcome to attend.


The Region now has the capability of utilizing “GO TO MEETING” for conference calls and has been recently used by the Nominating Committee.  Eric Camin and I have yet to begin our monthly Chapter Presidents Calls, but we hopefully will get that going during the month of October. I just have to catch up with Eric somehow.


On the subject of the West Region Membership Directory, updates are being made and we now will have some help developing some advertising.  Image Graphics Company maintains the directory.  They will begin selling advertising and charge a commission for each ad sold.  Hopefully this will generate funding to maintain and update the directory during the year.  Ad prices will range from $1,100.00 for a full page ad to $400.00 for a quarter page ad.  For all you Industry folks out there, please consider placing an ad.


As you all may recall, a while back there was quite a flap bout the Institute board recommending a decrease of 4% of RAP (Region Assessment Program) money returned to the Regions from membership dues.  A RAP Ad-hoc Committee was formed and has made it’s recommendations.  In a nutshell, the recommendation is to leave the current 7% RAP funding in place to the regions.  The committee also recommended implementation of actions in support of the RAP.  To summarize, The RAP should be move from the Institutes Budget (Income and Expense) and be a direct pass through to the regions similar to Chapter dues.  Also the institute is to continue uninterrupted the collection of 7% of the member dues, and would apply to all membership categories.  100% of the RAP funds (7% of the member dues) continue  be sent to the Regions monthly.


This is just a short summary of the RAP Committee’s recommendations but I wanted to provide a little information on what was happening with RAP.


For future planning, remember to put the West Region Conference on your calendar for April 23 thru 26 in Kona, Hawaii.  More info to follow on the conference.


For all you Chapter Editors, if I am not getting the Corner to the right person, please let me know where to send it.


That’s all for now.  Have a great fall.


Respectfully submitted,


David A. Willis

President, WR CSI




The Inland Empire Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute